Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Christmas Gift For You: Classic Rock

Well, basically these are just the usual suspects, but they have their charms.

The Band – “Christmas Must Be Tonight”
Few rockers want to actually sing about Jesus. The Band did and made it sound honest and beautiful… never cheesy.

The Pretenders – “2000 Miles”
Another Christmas rock song rarity… it's actually pretty good.

Bruce Springsteen – “Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town”
I affectionately dub this “The ‘Freebird’ of Christmas Rock.” It’s ALWAYS on the radio, but the thing is, I always enjoy it.

Queen – “Thank God It’s Christmas”
The zenith of cheesy Christmastime rock.

John Lennon – “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” Little known fact: Lennon was actually singing about The War of 1812. He was a very confused man.

Tomorrow: "A Very Hipster Christmas!"

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Dr. Manifesto said...

I have to strongly disagree with the inclusion of the Bruce Springsteen song "Santa Claus is coming to Town", while I have great respect for "The Bruce", but this is one of the most uninspired Rock covers ever laid to tape. The low light of this recording is the embarrassing chatter Bruce engages in with the rest of the E-Street Band prior to the beginning of the song, "You been real good this year... maybe Santa bring ya a new saxaphone." I vomit in my mouth a little every sixth time they play it on Kost 103.5